Data Matching

Match.It is a sophisticated tool for the analysis, matching and reconciliation of complex, non-uniform data: it is the ideal instrument for Treasury and Credit Managers who need punctual, reliable information about collections received to effectively initiate Cash Collection activities, alongside effective reporting to support their decisions.

0 generates up to 95% automatic matching

0 considerably reduces manual intervention and semi-automatic operations of data recognition and validation

Semantic Analysis is located between 2 or more source IT systems. Its role is to receive information and render it uniform through sophisticated semantic analyses performed on unstructured notes fields and the transformation and standardisation of non-uniform information coming from various company divisions.

Integration features specialised integration and dialogue capabilities with Piteco Evo: this makes it possible to manage collection processes in an efficient and integrated manner, and provide simultaneous, systematic responses to Treasury and Credit divisions.

Areas of application

The distinctive feature of Piteco’s Semantic Data Matching functions is that they support non-uniform data matching processes in different business sectors and company areas, bearing witness to the in-depth customisation and parametric definition of the data structure.

Excellent results and replicable best practices have been achieved in Large-Scale Retail, for the reconciliation of cumulative payment instructions and invoices, customer credit notes, allowances and discounts.

In the Consumer Credit area, optimising the reconciliation of collections from loan instalments.

In the e-commerce world, reconciling front & back end data, online orders and credit card collections, managing carriers as well as cash on delivery.

In the Insurance sector, for matching between daybooks, broker account statements and policies.

In the Utilities realm, managing the reconciliation between customer billing and any repayment plans.

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