Data sharing, automation and data synchronisation: the digital transformation of Algam EKO

Financial Planning

Piteco’s solutions and expertise have accompanied the Algam  Eko Group’s growth and digital transformation: from operational treasury management to punctual financial planning, up to the current strategic management of forecasting. It is the story of an efficiency-oriented company and a technology partner that has been able to support all its Treasury requirements.

Offering a valid data, up to date, free of human error margins is a common need for many large and small companies, in the same way it is very important to make interact the operational management of the company with the financial and accounting management“.

Daniele Battaglia, Treasury Specialist Piteco.


We gave a boost to the digital journey we embarked two years ago, focusing on four aspects: sharing, automating and synchronising data (no more manual spreadsheets), and software which enables us to keep a constant check on liquidity, financial management and budget”.

Francesco D’Astore, Finance and Operations Director of Algam Eko.