Digital Payments

CBC, Corporate Banking Communication, is Piteco’s Digital Payments solution for the governance of authorisation workflows and securely sending payment orders to the national and international banking system.

Payment Workflow

CBC is designed to dematerialise, simplify and track the management of company payment authorisation processes. On the basis of shared procedures, CBC supports the profiling of users involved in the authorisation process and allows for the centralised management of approval steps.


The CBC solution guarantees the inalterability of order flows using Strong Customer Authentication and various authentication logics – user credentials, Smart Cards, Tokens, OTPs and Apps.

Digitally signing payment orders with an advanced electronic signature further guarantees the inviolability of payment processes against fraud, hacking and cyber attacks.


Integrated or fully independent of any other Piteco solution, CBC can be integrated with the main ERP systems, following company policies in defining authorisation workflows and setting the different authorisation levels.

Banking hub

Connection with the primary online banking systems, Swift connectors and Service Bureaus. Designed to be used in mobility as well, CBC MOBILE guarantees high standards in access authentication and absolute security through every step of payment management and transmission.

CBC Mobile

This multidevice application designed by Piteco to be used from a desktop and in mobility, on laptops, smartphones and tablets, can be downloaded from the AppStore and the Google Play Store.


CBC in 2 minutes