We work all over the world

The competitive environment in which the majority of industrial businesses and groups find themselves operating cannot do without a presence in the international markets. This means that Finance & Treasury Departments need to be organised with methods and tools capable of exercising real control over liquidity trends in branches, affiliates and overseas subsidiaries.

Aside from managing any form of Treasury centralisation – even for structures with multiple regionally-based holding companies that may be responsible for different countries – Piteco solutions can be highly useful for Groups that do not share the same ERP platform and do not have structured relationships with international banks, but want to govern cash flows by selecting from amongst a range of implementation models.

In House Banking, Cash & Liquidity Management, Collection & Payment Factory, Working Capital & Supply Chain: Piteco is chosen and used to cover the most diverse Global Liquidity Management models.

Piteco is present in Italy, Switzerland and the US. We export our solutions from our headquarters, implementing projects in 50 countries all over the world for the more than 650 national and international groups that have chosen Piteco to meet their Treasury digitalisation needs.

A project-based approach

Thanks to its experience in 40 years of Treasury & Finance projects and in-depth knowledge of the entire range of company organisational models, Piteco supports its customers in implementing international projects, defining a shared Treasury model for every Group company and various local vertical models by geographical area, while also guaranteeing the flexibility required to set up dynamic and incremental centralisation models in the individual countries and companies involved.

We carry out on-site projects abroad and provide our users with assistance in English through our 24-hour Customer Care services.