Proprietary products

The in-house design and creation of our products enables us to freely implement software evolutions and provide personalised solution developments. And to guarantee maintenance for the customisations implemented – for every customer and every update release.

This is what the Software Factory does every day, making the broad functional coverage of Piteco products possible and punctually meeting customer requirements. It is a combination of two complementary souls: one with deep knowledge of processes and company financial management, and one that works every day in the concrete development of digital innovation.

We have always had a proprietary product and we have developed it over time by working with the large groups that have selected us, always aiming to meet the complex needs of complex companies.

Andrea Guillermaz, Sales Director Piteco


We are well aware that any Treasury management model is profoundly based on the features of company IT systems and on their degree of integration.

Piteco is integrated with the most widespread ERP systems: deep knowledge of financial counterparties and national and international bank standards (CBI, SWIFT, SEPA, XML, etc.) make it possible to manage all information flows between financial institutions and companies with absolute transparency, continuity and flexibility.