Banfi's choice

Intelligent Financial Planner

The data at Banfi’s disposal, together with information such as bank credit lines, collection and payment forecasts and possible variables related to interest rates, currencies and exchange rates, flow into the Intelligent Financial Planner by Piteco, the solution developed to enable companies to quickly identify and manage manoeuvring solutions to minimise implicit and explicit costs of financial strategies, in the presence of cash surpluses or deficits.

Da What if a How to

The aggregation and analysis of the data returns a series of different predictive scenarios established on the basis of the company’s identified variables and constraints together with market data, which support Banfi’s finance team in identifying and defining the best path to take in order to achieve the established objectives – think, for example, of the channelling of payments, best allocation choices – and compare the results of the choices made over time with what has actually happened within the company and on the market.

Treasury is increasingly a strategic incubator within the company and Intelligent Financial Planner – the solution we use that takes financial planning to a new level – contributes greatly to empowering the role of treasury and the CFO. As is often the case, there are times when there is a cash surplus in the company, others when more resources are needed: having the ability to determine possible choices in the area of cash optimisation is a great advantage. For this, the planning mode used in the past is no longer sufficient: we have to move from what if to how to with management solutions that can help us in strategic decisions’. Gabriele Mazzi, Cfo Banf.

Gabriele Mazzi, Cfo Banfi