Brembo’s need

Brembo launched a Treasury technological evolution project culminating with the implementation of the Piteco Evolution Treasury software, which computerised Treasury processes and optimised the management of the main forms of financing for the collection and investment of liquidity. While the project was being implemented, specific needs emerged relating to Credit Collection activities and the management of collections from the automotive world.

Brembo’s objectives

Rapid recognition of documentary collections, precise matching of amounts and a tool supporting collection management processes with the right level of sophistication: these are the objectives that Brembo’s Credit Management Division hoped to achieve by relying on a dedicated partner.

The Piteco solution

At Brembo, today Piteco’s solution makes it possible to recognise the majority of documentary collections, identify their detailed content and calculate their total amount, thus computerising the matching, reconciliation and accounting process for every single document, while also providing the Credit Division with data relating to percentage of completion, recognition and the correct matching of data, customer by customer.
In terms of quantification, on an annual basis roughly 8,000 collections are managed by the parent company Brembo S.p.A., with roughly 80,000 documents handled. Of these documents, the Piteco system automatically manages 80%, amounting to roughly 64,000 documents reconciled automatically.