Centralisation of Treasury

“I have been a Piteco user for over 20 years; we use most of the modules to manage the Treasury. Piteco was already present at De Agostini with centralised Group Treasury management in Italy and since 2002 we have reached France and Switzerland with hundreds of accounts around the world. A Share Service has been launched in Italy, which manages Treasury in the UK and Germany from Novara, after which we’ve implemented  Piteco in Japan”.

Enrico Trinchera, Group Treasurer DeAgostini

Piteco, a central software within the company organisation

The DeAgostini project expresses not only the functional richness of Piteco and the profound expertise of the teams that implemented and supported Piteco’s roll-outs in various countries around the world, but above all it speaks of the foresight of DeAgostini’s Treasury division which, led by Enrico Trinchera as Group Treasurer, was able to lead the finance and treasury engineering of the DeAgostini Group.