The Treasury digitisation project

The need for automation

Piteco’s partnering with Markas, a multi-service company in Bolzano, arose from the need to implement and digitise corporate treasury processes, moving from manual process management to automated and secure management guaranteed by a dedicated tool.

The Finance and Treasury function is consolidated

Starting in 2018, the two entities have pursued a multi-stage innovation project. The introduction of Piteco solutions and the skills and best practices shared along the way have simplified and facilitated the establishment and consolidation of a true Finance & Treasury business unit capable of contributing to the company’s growth thanks to an increased focus on more strategic Treasury activities, such as monitoring and planning.

With over 11,000 employees, 5 locations in three countries (Italy, Germany and Austria) and a turnover of €342 million as at 31.12.22, today the Markas treasury team – 2 employees plus Mattia Melchiori, Finance Manager – thanks to the adoption of Piteco’s software, automatically and securely manages 850 customers and 1924 suppliers, 25 bank accounts, 500 payment instructions to suppliers per month and the reconciliation of 2850 customers transfers per month; in addition to the and 400 sureties always active.

International Treasury Project

Piteco solutions have also been installed in the foreign offices: Markas teams in Germany and Austria manage their own collection and payment processes and flows, check their account statements and update their financial position.

The decision to adopt Piteco’s services respond to the company’s need to rely on a partner with a proven track record that can simultaneously offer IT solutions, high value-added consulting services and international expertise in treasury project management.

“The introduction of Piteco’s solutions facilitated and accelerated the path towards digitisation and automation in Finance that Markas had set as a goal to achieve in the short term. The skills and best practices shared by Piteco have also facilitated the establishment and consolidation of the new Finance & Treasury function within our Group“.

Mattia Melchiori, Head of Finance Markas Group