Piteco for Helvetia Italia: security above all

Dematerialise to optimise

Signature books and hard copy documents are a thing of the past, and the majority of the archives and very low value added repetitive manual activities – which are now superfluous – have been eliminated. My colleagues have recognised these benefits and saved precious time each and every day, which can instead be spent on system optimisation and control duties”.

Franco Muzzolon, Group Treasury Manager

The needs of the Helvetia Administration and Finance Department

Obtaining an analytical forecast of collection and payment flows, systematically checking the bank conditions applied to calculate financial expenses and income, monitoring the use of credit lines and managing the complexities of intercompany movements. In addition, the increase in payment instruction and bank transaction volumes brought to light a further need for the Helvetia Treasury: optimising the management of the many payment instructions processed by the insurance company, coming from various Offices and insurance segments, and governing authorisation flows on the basis of existing powers of attorney and delegations. Helvetia indicated that it wanted to ensure respect for signing powers and payment instruction authorisations, existing delegations and security policies to ensure that information was protected throughout the process of generating, authorising and sending electronic slips to the banking system.

Piteco CBC: the centralised management of company payments

Corporate Banking Communication meets this need by computerising and managing all payment procedures within a dedicated software solution while ensuring respect for company data confidentiality policies and without altering the authorisation powers of the departments concerned. The authorisation workflow tracks the entire process, communicating internal and banking system signature authorisation requests to the various parties involved through automatic notifications.