Partnership between Piteco and PayDo: innovating corporate payment processes by generating value in relationships with end customers

28 september 2021

Creating a system brings value. It happens today in the digital payments area thanks to the new partnership between Piteco and PayDo.

The collaboration will allow Piteco Evo customers to use Plick®, a solution to send money with extreme simplicity and speed throughout Europe via SMS or WhatsApp with maximum security.

The partnership with PayDo is part of Piteco’s strategy aiming to offer new and more efficient solutions to achieve the Cash Flow purposes, with a constant focus on security, traceability and control aspects typical of the proposal.

Every company payment includes a set of data, authorisation workflows, company policies and administrative procedures that Piteco’s solutions today dematerialise, along with making them immediate and manageable in real time”, says Paolo Virenti, CEO Piteco.

“The partnership with PayDo is part of our strategy aimed at providing customers with new and more efficient solutions to achieve cash flow objectives, with a constant focus on aspects of security, traceability and control that are characteristic of our offer. We have always carefully studied the needs and critical issues presented by each specific type of business in which our customers operate, and we are working to offer them, not only the solution to resolve these problems, but also the vision to use them as driving forces to be incorporated into their growth and planning strategies. It is this approach that has allowed us over time to be recognised and seen as a real and true element in treasury teams. It is a role for which we feel a responsibility and which constantly pushes us to evolve”.

Read Press Release: 28.09.2021_CS PayDo e Piteco